Edifier GM6 review-No lights no gaming

As an old audio brand in China, Edifier has released quite a lot of TWS good earbuds/earphones such as TWS1 and TWS3 among these two years. Recently, on CES 2020, Edifier came with its newest gaming TWS earbuds GM6. So is Edifier GM6 really good gaming TWS earbuds? How about the experience of it? Let’s check out my review of Edifier GM6-No lights no gaming.


The outer packaging of GM6 uses a pure black background color. The main picture is the real photo of Edifier GM6. The top left is the cool color-changing logo of HECATE. The bottom right corner is the icon of the gamepad, which shows GM6 is a game-related product.

Edifier GM6 review-No lights no gaming

The back of the packaging is a very detailed introduction to the Edifier GM6, which is really comprehensive. It even includes detailed instructions for specific operations. The product team really did a lot to the design.

Edifier GM6 review-No lights no gaming

One side of the packaging is the product highlighted features. Edifier GM6 uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which supports dual-microphone noise canceling and game lighting effects.

When you open the packaging, you can directly see a familiar slogan-Discover the new gaming world.

Edifier GM6 review-No lights no gaming
Edifier GM6 review-No lights no gaming

What’s in the box

There are 5 spare pairs of earmuffs coming with the earbuds(one pair comes with the earbuds, a total of 6 pairs), which are music earmuffs and game earmuffs, corresponding to different customers and different use scenarios. The two kinds of earmuffs are slightly different in color so you can distinguish them easily. This design is relatively rare in other headphones.

GM6 comes with a micro-USB charging cable. But it is not coming with a charger.

Below are all the items in the box.

Edifier GM6 review-No lights no gaming
Edifier GM6 review-No lights no gaming


Under this slogan lies the Edifier GM6. The first thing you see is a chic charging case. The case has an irregular diamond shape, and the center is a color-changing HECATE series LOGO, which looks really cool. The charging case is not big, with exquisite workmanship and outstanding feel. And due to the lightweight, it is really comfortable to carry.

The back of the charging case is the relevant data of this charging compartment, including input and output current. The charging case can offer 3 times of charging, which is enough for daily use.

Edifier GM6 review-No lights no gaming

There is a micro-USB charging port on the side of the charging case. It’s a pity Edifier didn’t use a USB Type-C port on this product.

Edifier GM6 review-No lights no gaming

You can see the body of the earbuds when you open the charging case. The earbuds lie in the center of the charging case, with exquisite workmanship and beautiful reflection. When you open the charging case, the cool blue light effect will be illuminated on both sides. It seems that the idea of ‘light effect’ has penetrated into all aspects of this product.

Looking closely at the charging case and the earbud body, I found that not only the charging case has a cool blue light effect, but the earbud itself also has a cool red breathing light at the HECATE LOGO.

The breath light on the earbud will be blue after taking it away from the charging case. The light effects are really impressive in the dark, which brings us a sense of high technology.

Edifier GM6 review-No lights no gaming

Touch control

Edifier GM6 is convenient to use. You can easily control the earbuds with the touch control feature. In music mode, long press on the right is the next song, and long press on the left is the previous song. Double-clicking means pause or resume playback. In the incoming call mode, double-click on either side to answer/hang up the call. Long press on either side is a function of rejecting the call.

Bluetooth connection

The connection process is relatively simple. After taking the earbuds out of the charging case, the earbuds will automatically turn on. Since the left and right earbuds have already been paired with TWS at the factory, you do not need to connect the earbuds separately like some other earbuds. After the earbuds are turned on, turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, long-press the left ear touch area, GM6 will enter the pairing mode.

When the connection is built, you can check the battery status on your phone, which is very convenient.

Sound experience

In terms of sound quality, Edifier GM6 has a good dynamic and analytical ability. There is also unique wool felt biomembrane inside the earbud speaker unit. The high frequency is not sharp, the middle and low frequency are connected naturally. Although the ductility is slightly weaker, the sound quality is still good.

As gaming earbuds, Edifier GM6 even supports aptX feature, which offers a better sound experience in gaming. The sound delay is only 70ms, which is really amazing on TWS earbuds. You can hardly sense this delay when you are playing PUBG. It can even compete with some wired gaming headsets.

The verdict of Edifier GM6 review

The light effects on Edifier GM6 are really impressive. Everyone will know you are a more professional gamer if you have it. Besides, in other scenarios like watch a movie, GM6 won’t let you down with its aptX and low delay feature.

So if you are a game addict or someone who cares more about the delay, just get Edifier GM6. It will be the best choice you have ever made for TWS devices.

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Edifier GM6

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No lights no gaming

  • Good workmanship
  • Good battery life
  • Impressive light effects
  • Easy control
  • No volume control on earbuds
  • Not suitable for female gamers
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  1. Hi Peter, this is Nancy Tam, out company is having a new TWS dedicated for gaming, so I am wondering whether there is chance we can have our TWS send to you and have your professional comment ?

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