Edifier W2 Review-Super Appearance But…

With the development of TWS technology, famous Chinese audio brand Edifier released many good TWS products in recent years. Edifier TWS series such as Edifier TWS3 and Edifier TWS5 are really popular in the markets. Today I got Edifier W2. Although it is not an Edifier TWS series products, it is still TWS earbuds. So will it be as good as its brothers? Let’s check out my review: Edifier W2 Review-Super Appearance But…


The charging case of Edifier W2 looks nice. The shape is just as AirPods Pro. And this time I got a white color one. But it has black color inside of the charging box and on the logos of earbuds, which makes it look like a panda.

The earbud of Edifier W2 looks a little big to me. The body is too thick.

There is a pair of transparent silicone covers coming with the earbuds. However, the cover makes the earbud look bigger. Considering the ABS material is hard to get hurt, so we just leave it alone.

Every time you close the charging case, the three white indicate lights will be on. With the black color in the background, it looks really nice. I think this design is even better than AirPods Pro. And the surface of the charging case has a matte design, making it hard to get fingerprints.


Bluetooth connection

For the first-time connection, you need to press the buttons of each earbud together when the Bluetooth of your phone is on. After around 5 seconds, you can find Edifier W2 in your Bluetooth device list and connect to it. It is very convenient.

However, sometimes the connection is not stable. And this only happens to the right earbud.

Sound quality

Edifier is famous for its audio sound quality. However, Edifier W2 only supports SBC audio protocol, which is far from enough. And there is a little current sound when you listen to music in a quiet place. If you are looking for TWS earbuds with better sound quality, you should check out Edifier TWS series.


The delay of Edifier W2 is around 300ms. So just forget to play games or watch movies with it. When you are listening to music, delay won’t be a problem at all. And with IPX4 waterproof, listening to music when doing sports will be a best fit.

Battery life

The battery life is really good on Edifier W2, thanks to its big size of earbud body. Besides, the charging case can give earbuds 2 extra charges.

The verdict of Edifier W2 review

I think although Edifier W2 has a lot to improve, it is still worth buying. The appearance of it is really nice, and Edifier offers 3 different colors for you to choose: Black, white and red. So if you are looking for a good-looking TWS product, just choose Edifier W2.

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Edifier W2

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Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth Protocol


Charging Port


Receive Sensitivity




Frequency Response




Charging Case: 30*45*70mm, Earbud: 15*20*29mm

Wearing Type


Battery Capacity(mAh)


Working Time


Charging Time

Standby Time




Touch Control

No, button

Noise Canceling


In-ear Detection


Wireless Charging


5.5 Total Score
Super apppearance but has a lot to improve

  • Good appearance
  • IPX4 waterproof
  • Good battery life
  • A little big in size
  • 300ms Delay
  • Not good sound quality
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